Chapter Eight: Here’s Lucie

There was a scratching at the window. Sam reached for the alarm clock, groaning when he read the red numbers. It was four o’clock in the morning. He left the comfort of his warm bed; switching on a light as he did so. It would have been nice to say he was surprised when he saw Lucifer clawing at his window; his first feeling was rather one of supreme annoyance. He even considered going back to bed, and leaving Lucifer out in the cold. He relented; after all, it was snowing, and Lucifer looked terribly vulnerable. He wasn’t even wearing a long sleeved t-shirt, let alone a coat. Sam could see that his face was beginning to purple.

            Sam opened the window, his teeth chattering at the sudden cold. “Get inside. This better be important.”

            Lucifer slipped inside, smiling at the slightly groggy quality of Sam’s voice. “The window was stuck. I’m glad you’re not angry, Sammy.”

            He planted himself on Sam’s lap, snuggling close. “Mmm…you’re so warm, Sammy.”

            Sam shuddered, resisting the urge to shove the other away. It was too early for arguments; Dean and Bobby would be more than upset, and they would have to wake Lucifer’s family to return him. He was shivering dreadfully.

            “Get off,” Sam spoke without much strength. He wasn’t well rested, and hadn’t been away for long enough for him to be truly angry. Lucifer shook his head, wrapping his arms around Sam’s neck, trying to pull him closer. Sam didn’t move; he didn’t even blink.

            “Sammy.” There was a hint of a whine in Lucifer’s voice. “Why are you always so distant?”

            Sam didn’t respond to Lucifer’s question. “Was there some sort of reason you came to visit me so early?”

            Lucifer huffed, and let his arms fall from Sam’s neck. “You never want to have any fun with me, Sammy.”

            “I think we might have different ideas when it comes to fun.”

            Lucifer would not let it go. “It wasn’t like this when we were younger. You always used to play then. You didn’t mind holding hands. You didn’t mind being close.” For each word he spoke, his face came closer and closer to Sam’s. As the last syllable trailed off, he gently touched his own lips to Sam’s.

            Sam couldn’t help it. He hated Lucifer at that moment, truly hated him. He pushed the other away, not caring if he hit the floor. “No!”

            Lucifer blinked, simultaneously pleased and utterly heart broken. His lower lip began to wobble dangerously, and Sam felt the ugly emotion drain almost entirely from his body. He sighed, biting the inside of his own cheek. “Lucifer. I said no. It’s not okay, okay?”

            They blinked at one another, Sam sighing again. “Look. Just go home, Lucifer. I don’t want to play. Not that game. Not now. Not anymore. I don’t want to play with you. N-O. No. Do you not get what that word means?” A little voice in the back of Sam’s mind told him that Lucifer really didn’t. It whispered, in soft tones that he really did want to play, that he had to. That Lucifer and he would surely die if he didn’t.

            “Sammy. Sammy. You can’t say that.” Lucifer stood, his voice changing tones; it had a smooth, slithering, and unpleasant sensation. He took a step towards Sam. “I know you, Sammy. Nobody else understands you. Nobody else even tries to. Not even your precious Jess. But I do. I know you, Sammy. I want to help you. Why won’t you let me?”

Lucifer too another step forward, but Sam had turned his back towards him. “I don’t want your help. Go home, Lucifer.”

He was a child again, curled up in a ball at the foot of his bed. His hands were dirty, sticky and wet. Lucifer remained the same. “I’ve always helped you when nobody else would. Not Dean, not your father, but me, Sammy. I’ve always been there to help you.” Sam was crying; a terrible sort of crying where the tears wouldn’t come and the sobs got all caught up in his throat.

“You can’t leave me, Sammy. You don’t want to leave me.” Lucifer had become a snake, and he was winding his way around Sam, his scales brushing the skin that was now bare. He was hissing into his ear, his tongue flickering in corner of Sam’s eye.

“You would never be happy, if you did. After all, we belong together.” The scales had turned into iron, and the iron chains that were Lucifer were dragging him down. His lips could not moved and his eyes remained shut; and still, he was crying.

“Just say you want me. Say you love me. Say you need me. Is it really that hard to speak the truth?” He was Icarus, with melting wax wings. He fell, and in the falling he was closer to the sun. In the falling, still he flew; the sun burnt his eyes, blistered his skin as he came ever closer to it.

“Three little words; why not?” He was following the yarn; the string of words that lead to the centre of a Labyrinth.

“Just say it. We’ll be happy forever and ever.” There was a ruinous tower, and a princess at the top, a princess who screamed using Jess’ voice. The faster he climbed, the quicker the walls fell, until he himself was falling. Falling, without the tears, without Lucifer’s voice, without signs of stopping. Then he knew; he needed Lucifer, Lucifer to save him, before he hit the bottom.

He sat up, sweating, to the knock on his door. “Sammy. Get your ass up out of bed. Dad’s home. He wants to see you.”

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Chapter Seven: Honey and Lemon

“Sam?” Jess was sitting on the corner of his bed, her head turned around to look out the window.

“Yes?” They had gone out bowling; it was fairly late, and it wouldn’t be long until she would head home.

“There’s somebody at the window.” If she was in the least bit surprised, it didn’t show. Sam blinked back the urge to scream. There was only one person it would be.

“It’s just my neighbor, Lucifer. He’ll go away eventually. He just does this sometimes.” Jess shook her head, her hair swaying with an almost hypnotic quality.

“He’s certain pretty, then. I think it’s a girl, Sam.”

“Lilith?” He was surprised. She’d never done this before.

“Yes?” He opened the window; unable to stop himself from smiling slightly when she grinned at him.

“Lucifer said you wouldn’t let me in. He said you were angry with us.” Sam shook his head.

“Come in. Lilith, this is my girlfriend, Jess. Jess, this is Lilith, my next door neighbor.” Lilith climbed in through the window. With some surprise, Sam noticed she was barefoot. It was freezing out there. Straightening herself out slightly, she noticed Jess. Her smile grew.

“Hello, Jess. I’m Lilith. You’re really pretty.” She held out her hand, and slightly amused, Jess shook it.

 “Thank you, Lilith. You look familiar. Do you go to our high school?” Lilith shook her head, sitting besides Jess.

“I’m only in eighth grade. Do you shop at Forever XXI? I model for them. Are you are a model too? Maybe we worked a shoot together?” Jess too shook her  head, laughing slightly.

“I do shop there, yes. I don’t model, but I do have friend who do. I play soccer instead.” Lilith took one of Jess’ hands, calming down slightly.

“Well, you should. My manager’s looking for a new model. You’d be perfect.” Jess flushed slighting.

“Oh, I would love to, Lilith, but I don’t have the time. I’m sorry.” Lilith shrugged, not in the least be deterred.

“Okay. Well, it was worth a try. You’ll change your mind later.” She grinned at Jessica as she said this, something a touch manic attaching itself to the gesture. Sam shuddered involuntarily, but Jess didn’t seem to notice the change in atmosphere.

“Look, Lily, I’d hate to rush you, but it is kind of late, and you should probably get home. Why were you visiting, anyway?” She turned to look at him, the manic look disappearing, and her smile faltering.

“Lucifer just wanted to know if you were still angry. I can leave now, if you want.” Sam nodded, and, letting go of Jess’ hand, Lilith climbed out the climbed out of the window.

“She seems like a sweet girl.” Sam sighed, sitting next to her, taking the hand that Lilith had only just dropped.

“Yes. Sweet. Her and her brother are exhausting, but sweet.” Jess laughed, leaning again him. Their eyes met, and they were gone.

Across the tree, Lilith silently slipped in through Lucifer’s window. “Brother.” She shut the window behind her. When she turned back toward the room, he was standing there, his head tilted at an inquisitive angle.

“I did as you asked. He looks at her the way you look at him, Lucifer.” He blinked, his eyes strangely bright; glistening in the moonlight.

“Can you fix it?” Lilith stared at him for a few short seconds, before her eyes flicked downwards. She was examining him coolly, without any hint of what she might be looking for.

“Will you help me?” Lucifer considered her in the same manner; though his eyes belied a hint of frustration.

“I don’t understand why. I will help you.” She laughed, a tinkling of bells; high, sweet, and as ever, just a tad unsettling.

“But brother, you never did. That’s just who you are. With understanding comes realization; and that hurts too much. You don’t understand because you don’t want you. You don’t want to accept who you really are.” He glared at her; for all the world, simply a hurt child.

“I hate you, Lilith. You can go away now.” She had stopped laughing, her eyes disappearing as the clouds covered the moon.

“You won’t. You don’t. You’re a crybaby, a wimp; you wouldn’t survive with me. I’m the only one left here. The only one who cares about little Luci; the boy who plays all alone, filled with hatred and self-loathing.  Daddy went away, and never came back. Mother married to a strange man named Chuck, and doesn’t pay attention. Our step-brother hates you, more than he will admit. You know, deep down, that Sam doesn’t really care. We’re all alone, Lucifer and Lilith.” Lucifer was trembling slightly, shaking his head over and over and over again.

“No. No. No. No. Daddy got into an accident. He couldn’t come back. Chuck likes mother, and mother does the best she can. Mikael likes me, I know he does. And Sammy, he loves me, he just doesn’t realize it yet. He’ll know, one day, and he’ll be mine. I am not like you. I will never be like you. I will not be alone; especially not with you, Lilith.” He had stopped shaking, his voice rising with each world he spoke. The clouds had flown over the moon, and Lilith’s face once again became clear.

She was smiling, but there was something broken about the corner of her lips, and a single solitary tear had made its path down her cheek. “No.” Her voice was light as ever, but she was shaking. “It doesn’t work that way for us, Luci. We’re family. To the blood, to the bone. Simply the way things have always grown.”

There was a terrible noise of flesh upon flesh; Lilith recoiled, holding her hand to her cheek. She snarled, preparing to launch herself at Lucifer. Somebody flicked the lights, and the feral look faded from her eyes. Mikael was standing in the doorway, glaring at them both.

“Lucifer. Lilith. Stop immediately.”

They paused, unconsciously drawing closer together. “What in God’s name have you two been doing? It’s almost midnight. I heard raised voices, somebody being slapped.” He looked between the two of them. Nobody said anything; Lilith ventured a smile, and Lucifer seemed to be in a rather intense staring contest with the carpet. Mikael sighed, running his hands through bronze curls “We’ll talk about this in the morning. Lilith, to sleep now. Lucifer, come here. Obviously, the two of you cannot be trusted to sleep in the same room. You will be sleeping on my spare bed tonight.”

Mikael was Chuck’s son; the sort of boy you half expected to sprout wings and fly off. Chuck had been their mother’s childhood sweetheart, and there was some suspicion regarding his origins. It didn’t help that, for the most part, Lucifer seemed to be Mikael in shades of caramel. Mikael, on his part, seemed to resent Lucifer slightly; how ever much he tried to hide it, it would find a new way to show. He seemed to be overly cautious with their relationship; as if Lucifer might explode at any moment. It was preferable, however, to the way Lilith was treated by him; it was almost as if she didn’t exist.

“You’re not mother. You can’t tell me what to do.” Mikael smiled dangerously at Lucifer.

“Mother’s not here right now. She left me in charge, which means you will do as I ask.” Lucifer rolled his eyes, but made his way towards Mikael, taking the hand he was offered.

“Good. Lilith, sleep now.” She mumbled something under her breathe, but Mikael caught the last word, and span around to face her once agan.

“What was that, Lilith.” She smiled sweetly, shaking her head at him.

“Nothing, older brother dearest. I love you. Good night.” Once she closed the door behind the two men, she added a rather more ominous touch.

“And one of these days, you’ll wind up dead. I should know. Lucifer’s going to kill you.”

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Chapter Six: The battle for who could care less

English was probably Dean’s least favourite subject. It wasn’t so far from the truth to say he found it completely unnecessary, and it definitely wasn’t something he enjoyed. Today was particularly tense; they had a day to work on one-act plays they were performing, and his partner just happened to be Lisa.

            Lisa, whose parents caught them, at the worst possible moment. Lisa, who had walked in on him and Anna this morning. Lisa, who he had managed to make cry. Lisa, who was glaring at him now; not with hatred and anger, which he had expected, which he could have handed; but rather with a terrible sadness, and more than a touch of hurt; a look that made him feel incredibly small and not a bit worthy of anything. Lisa, who could make him feel nothing at all.

            “Look, Lisa,” he began, but the words got caught in his throat. She had looked up at him, and her eyes had stopped him. They were puffy and red, rimmed with salt from the tears she had made no attempt to hide. He sighed, and mustering up what courage he had left, started again.

“Look, Lisa…I’m…” She continued staring. He swallowed, finding his throat an unusually barren place.

“I’ve been a jerk, okay? No, I’ve been more than a jerk. I’ve been a real…” Dean searched for the word, once again coming up dry. He really had done something beyond his comprehension.

“Ass hat.” Dean blinked. Lisa’s  mouth had definitely moved. There were a few moment of stunned silence, and slowly, the smallest of smiles found their way to their lips.

“Okay. I’ve been a real ass hat.” She nodded, and Dean felt a nervous laugh bubble up in his throat. He pushed it back. Now wasn’t the time.

“And so much worse.” She nodded again.

“And…Lisa, I’m just…God, Lisa, I’m sorry, okay?” No nod. He waited. She didn’t move, save the occasional blink.

“…Okay?” Still no nod. He felt the small burst of euphoria boiling back to guilt. She finally looked away, and he found himself cursing his attitude. It wouldn’t be that easy. She wouldn’t forgive him. She wouldn’t ever forgive him.

“Let’s just work on the play, Dean.” She wasn’t smiling anymore, and she refused to look at him, but she didn’t seem so terribly sad. He sighed, realizing that was the best he could have hoped for.

“Sure thing, Lisa.” His folly still wasn’t forgiven by the end of the period, but she’d told him she wouldn’t hang up on; providing it was about the project. He could have sworn she’d been smiling when she said it, though her voice indicated nothing but pleasant unfamiliarity. All in all, the way she had treated him was a lot better than any way he had expected.

His good mood lasted until he reached the bus; it really wasn’t his day after all. Sam had been grabbed by Lucifer the moment he’d stepped foot on the bus, and from the way Lucifer was clinging to Sam’s arm, it wasn’t worth the trouble. The only seat open was the one next to Lilith. She was Lucifer’s twin; a deceptively angelic girl who eventually end up on the cover of a fashion magazine. In fact, she already had been; she was the youngest regular model for Ambercrombie and Fitch. It helped fund her clothing habit; an alarmingly large collection of lavender and lace; vintage dresses and the latest fashions. Her dress sense was, unfortunately, not the only astounding part about her; almost everything she said or did set Dean on edge. Her own twin tried to distance himself for her as much as possible, though she was clearly fond of him.

            “Hello, Dean.” She smiled at him, her teeth blindingly white.

            “Lilith.” He collapsed into the seat next to her, shoving his backpack onto his lap.

            “I haven’t seen you in a while, Dean. I miss seeing you. You and Sam. But you more. Sam comes over with Luci sometimes.” A shiver ran down his back. The last time he’d visited, she had forced him into makeup, stopping only when he’d threatened to throw it all out the window. She also taken about a million pictures of him in the makeup, and posted all of them on facebook, for the world to see.

            “High school, man. I’ve been busy.” He could have sworn she’d raised an eyebrow at him disapprovingly, but when he looked again, she was still smiling as sweetly as ever.

            “What about Christmas? We have two weeks then. You can spare a few hours for me, right? Our parents could talk. Parents love to talk.” She was staring at him with wide, innocent eyes. He looked determinedly out of the front window.

            “They’ll have to talk about that. Tell you what. I’ll check my schedule.” Dean didn’t have a schedule. He knew he would have to eventually agree. She lived right next door to him, she could see exactly when he was home.

“Sammy. Come over.” Sam sighed, trying to scoot further into the isle. He was having a similar discussion with Lucifer.

“I can’t tonight, Lucifer. Jess and I have a date, and it’s really important to me.”

“And I’m not important to you?” Sam looked away, avoiding Lucifer’s eyes and biting his tongue, fighting against the urge to answer honestly.

“No, of course not. It’s just we haven’t be able to go on a date for a while; and she is my girlfriend. You understand, don’t you, Lucifer?” Lucifer was clearly pouting. He shook his head, and tried to get closer to Sam.

“I could be your girlfriend.” Sam counted to ten backwards in his head.

“Lucifer, we’ve talked about this. You can’t be my girlfriend. For one thing, you’re a boy. I don’t think of you like that. I don’t think of guys like that.”

“But we’re going to get married.” Sam could feel himself turning red; partially from frustration, partially from embarrassment.

“Lucifer, that sort of thing was kind of cute when you were little, but now it’s just inappropriate. You need to stop it, okay?” Lucifer lips lower lip was wobbling dangerously, and his eyes were strangely dangerous.

“You’re not allowed to speak to your future bride like that.” Sam gave up at that point, and completely ignored Lucifer for the rest of the ride home.

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Chapter Four: The worst sort of affliction (Affection)

They were holding hands under the table. Jessica and Sam didn’t look at each other that often, but each time they caught each other’s eye, Sam would squeeze her hand and she would grin, making him chuckle slightly. It wasn’t really that big of a deal; Jess was left handed, and Sam was right handed, making it possible for them to both complete their notes and to make everybody else in the room feel slightly nauseous. Halfway through their notes on amino acids, Sam lent over, and taking care that their teacher could neither see nor hear him, whispered to her. “Hey. Look, I know you’re not exactly fond of him, but do you think you might get a couple of the girls from the soccer team to ask Dean to dance with them?”

            Jess sat down her pencil, after dotting the final i of the sentence. Slowly turning her head to face him, she considered Sam’s expression. Even sitting down, she had to crane her neck to see it clearly. Sam had hit a growth spurt over fall break; turning him from Jess’ study buddy to her boyfriend. She let her other hand slip from the table; squeezing Sam’s left hand between her considerably smaller ones. “Oh, believe me, it wouldn’t take them too much persuading.”

            “But the thing with Lisa and Anna.” Sam didn’t understand why they would be so willing to just look over that. Jess shrugged.

            “They’re high school girls, Sam. Most people complain about the boys, but I’ve already heard a few of the girls say it was Lisa’s fault for not giving him enough attention. I overheard Bella in the locker room saying she’s still do him.”

            “Wait, Bella Talbot?” He faded off into quiet laughter. “Didn’t she knock him out in P.E. last year?” Jess blinked, looking slightly confused.

            “No. She gave him a couple of black eyes, but as far as I know, that was the worst of it. Why? What did Dean tell you?” Sam shook his head, slightly irritated by his older brother.

            “Well, a pack of lies, apparently.” It was just like Dean; if he couldn’t hide the fact he’d been hurt, he would make the cause incredibly strong, simply to save face.

            “He seems to have quite the talent to attract those who really know how to treat him just the way he deserves.” She had picked up her pencil again. The teacher had changed the slide.

            “Jess, that almost makes it sound like you want him to end up in the ER.” She shrugged.

            “From what I’ve heard, he’s quite quick on recovery. Being forced to have little else to do but think might do him some good. What do you think he’d say to a broken rib or two?” He glanced up, but she was smiling. He grinned back, realizing it was a joke.

            “Oh. I don’t know. That might not give him enough time to reflect.” Jess began to laugh, and he couldn’t help but join in.

            Five minutes later, they were sent, still chuckling, to spend the rest of class out in the hall. “Oh. My. God. I’m sorry about that. Sam, it was just, the expression on your face when you said…I couldn’t stop laughing!” She leant back against the wall, fanning herself with one hand. Sam leant next to her, still chuckling slightly.

            “It’s my fault too, Jess. It’s just…when you said that, I pictured Dean in one of those old black and whites? About the miserable, rich little boy that’s always sick, and is forced to watch everybody else play below his window.” She rested her head upon his shoulder, looking up slightly when he mentioned the old black and whites.

            “I didn’t know you liked old movies. We have an old movie night most Fridays at my house. It’s the only day dad’s generally home. You should come. Meet my parents, eat some popcorn. Try and find Dean’s name in the credits. It would be fun.” Sam glanced at her, feeling his face warm slightly. He’d had a couple of girlfriends before, but he’d never reached the part of the family stage before.

            “They’re not my thing, really. Dean and Uncle Bobby watch them a lot. I wouldn’t mind watching more with you.” In fact, he wouldn’t mind doing almost anything with her. They stood there for a little while, warm and wrapped in a cocoon of pleasant thoughts. Sam heard Jess’ breathing regulate, and wrapped an arm around her. It was unlikely she would fall asleep now, but if she did, he didn’t want to be responsible for a concussion.

            He had just got completely comfortable when the bell rang. Jess mumbled something and slap his chest, making him wince slightly. “Ow. What was that for, Jess?” She looked at him, slightly sleep eyed, and realized what she had just done.

            “Oh my god. I’m so sorry, Sam. I must have fallen asleep. I thought the bell was my alarm clock. I’m so, so, so, sorry. Are you okay?” He nodded, chuckling again.

            “Yeah. I’m fine. Although, I don’t envy your alarm clock. That kind of hurt.” She wrapped her arms around him neck, and pulled him closer to him, laughing again.

            “Well, should I kiss it better?” Their lips had barely touched when a strong hand grabbed Sam and pulled him back slightly.

            “Now, now, leave some room for some human decency. I have to say, Sam, I’m surprised. I expect this sort of thing from Dean. I figured you’d have more respect for your classmates.” Sam and Jess broke apart.

            “Sorry, Ellen, I didn’t think…” She didn’t let him finish.

            “Exactly. You didn’t think, Sam Winchester. You two might not realize it, but I’ve had to pull apart couples like yourselves all day. Can’t you wait until after school?” Ellen was Jo’s mother, a single parent who owned a bar just out of town. It didn’t bring in too much money; she was also the school’s only security guard. It was a part time job, and it didn’t pay too much either, but it was enough to cover the mortgage.

            “Now, get to class, both of you, before a more sensible adult comes along and makes issue of it.” 

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Chapter 3: We all have them.

Dean wasn’t having a very good day. He hadn’t been allowed to drive his baby to school, he’d been caught trying to sneak out of first period, and none of his girls seemed to want to talk to him. In fact, they had made it very clear to him that they had found out about one another. He rubbed his face gingerly, trying to ignore the look his younger brother was giving him.

“I told you that would happen, Dean. You can’t play people like that, not in a small town like this. Everybody talks.”

Dean flashed him an oh-so-bright, and completely insincere smile. “Yeah. I think I’ve figured that one out.”

Sam snorted. “Was that before or after Jo punched you in the face for making Anna cry?”

Dean rolled his eyes. “Cute, Sammy. I bet the chicks just love you.”

Sam shrugged. “Well, it wouldn’t kill you to treat them like people, every once in a while. There’s a dance coming up soon. Why don’t you do the normal thing for once, and ask somebody? Wear the nice clothing, go to dinner. Have a conversation for once, instead of a make-out session.”

Dean make a choking sound and sprayed Sam with small bits of his lunch. “And which member of the Kill Dean team should I ask? Slap happy or Mrs.Violent?”

Sam sighed, setting down his fork to wipe of the pieces of hamburger. “Well, I don’t know. I’m going with Jess. She could probably ask around the soccer team. I’m certain one of them has enough brain damage to agree to go with you.”

Dean whistled, looking impressed. “My baby’s scoring high. A cougar. Damn, Sammy.”

Sam looked at Dean. “I’ve been dating Jess for a while, Dean. She’s a great girl. Really smart. She’s in my advanced chemistry class.”

“Are you kidding me? Who cares about her personality? Have you seen her ass-“

“Dean.” Sam had raised his voice slightly, causing the near by Yu-Gi-Oh games to stop, the spotty members turning to stare. Dean and Sam rarely ate lunch together, and when they did, it almost always ended up being alone. They moved in very different circles.

“What you looking at, geek squad?” Dean was glaring at them. They hurriedly returned their games, murmuring angrily to one another. Sam raised his eyebrows at his brother, skewering a piece of lettuce on the end of his fork. “If they say no, there’s always Jo.”

“Dude, are you kidding? The chick just broke my nose.”

“For her friend. It’s not like you two would go as a date. You could always go as friends.”

Dean snorted. “Oh, yeah. That sounds great. She can crush my ribs during the slow dances.” He was about to continue when Jo herself arrived on the scene.

“Hey Jo. I hear you got Dean pretty good during second period. I hope you didn’t break your hand on that hard skull of his?” Jo lived just down the street with her mother. She and the Winchesters had been friends since forever; her and Dean had decided they were going to get married when they were five, but given up those plans when Jo refused to wear a white dress.

“I’ve punched softer brick walls, but my hands fine. I’m not so certain about Dean’s face, though. It looks a bit off.” She sat down on the tabletop, smirking at Dean. Sam chuckled, and they fist bumped, but Dean didn’t look impressed. He glared at Sam, but Sam ignored him.

“It always looks like that, unfortunately. I think it was a birth defect. He deserved it, anyway.” Jo nodded, still smirking. “Say, Jo, you going to the winter dance?” Jo just looked at Sam, a tad confused.

“I thought you were going with Jess? Some of the barbies were squealing about it in Lit this morning. You’re pretty popular with the ladies, Sam Winchester. Especially for a freshman.” Sam smiled easily, completely ignoring the derisive snort that had come from Dean’s side of the table.

“You mean some of Jess’ friends, right? Yeah. I’m going with Jess. Three month anniversary, actually. It was more the lost case I was asking for.” He motioned his head in Dean’s direction.

Jo’s face hardened considerably, and Sam found himself back tracking. “As friends, I mean. That way, you can keep an eye on him. If you get bored, you can always try and fix his face.” Sam winced as one of the spurs from Dean’s boots connected with his shin. His favourite jeans would now be ripped.

Jo flushed slightly, trying to look cool about the whole thing. “Oh yeah. Of course. Sure. But he’s paying.” Dean flashed another one of those bright smiles.

“Great. I’m taking royalty to the dance. Anything else you need, princess? Should I carry you to the next class, your highness?”

Jo had spun around, either to respond with a sharp retort, or more likely, violence, but the bell rang. Sam gathered his things and left, not waiting to see if it developed into a full out brawl. Dean was his brother, but familial affection only stretched so far; and it didn’t include detention. Or being late for chemistry, where a certain lab partner would be waiting for him.

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Chapter Two: Like Acid to the eye.

“Lucifer broke into my room last night.” Sam tried to focus on his grapefruit, ignoring the face Dean made. “Again? I’m telling you, Sam, that kid’s a creep. You should stay away from him.” “No. I think he’s just lonely. Him and his step-father don’t get on, and I think he has problems.” Dean snorted, shrugging, and knocked back most of his third cup of coffee. “Well, a creep with issues, then. Look, Sammy, I know you’re all for world peace and second chances. Saving the whales and all that shit, but this kid is a dead loss. Just stay away from him, okay?” Sam laughed, trying to look casual about the entire thing. “You think I haven’t tried that, Dean? He just shows up, whether I want him to or not.” Dean shrugged. “Have you tried a restraining order? I don’t know. Look, are you taking the short bus today, or can I give you a lift?”

Their Uncle Bobby wandered into the kitchen, grabbing Dean’s coffee cup, and finishing what little was left before he’d reached the sink. “You boys will both the bus today, so I’d suggest you hurry yourselves up before you’re late.” “But Uncle Bobby…” Dean knew better than to comment on the coffee, but he hated not being able to use his baby. “No buts, Dean. If you’re gonna sneak out with a girl, at least be smart enough to make certain her parents don’t see you. Idjit.” Sam smirked at Dean, raising an eyebrow. Dean shrugged again, looking a tad smug. “It was totally worth it.” “Oh, and Sammy?” “Yes, Bobby?” “Your little friend Lucifer’s waiting out side for you.” It was Dean’s turn to smirk as Sam paled, accidentally dropping his spoon into the grapefruit, landing some of the juice into his own eye. “I’m telling you, Sammy. A restraining order is the only way he’ll ever leave you alone.” “You’ll be lucky if that poor girl’s parents don’t file one against you. Your bus is here, boys. And don’t get caught again, Dean. I can’t keep covering your ass for you.”

                                                *            *            *

“Sammy. Sammy.” Lucifer tapped Sam shoulder. Once. Twice. Three times. And again. Dean’s smirk grew as he glanced at Sam. “Aren’t you going to talk to your little friend, Sammy?” Sam nudged Dean in the ribs, glaring at him. “Stop it, Dean. You’re being a dick.” Taking a deep breath, he turned around. “Look, Lucifer. It’s not that I don’t want to talk to you. Really.” Dean snorted, and mumbled something under his breath, earning himself a rather impressive bitch face from Sam. “It’s just I have homework to do, for fifth period. If I don’t do it, I’ll get in trouble. And I really, really need to pass this class. Talk to me later, okay? I’ll be able to give you more of my attention then. It will be better for both of us.” “Oh, come on, Sammy. Give the boy a break. It’s not like you won’t have a perfect score in the class already. Surely you can speak a second for such a dear old friend?” Dean fluttered his eyelashes at Sam, who gritted his teeth. “I hate you.”

Dean winked at him before turning to Lucifer. “Tel you what, Luci. I’ll switch you seats. Give you two lovebirds some alone time together. What do you say to that?” Lucifer was smiling, but Sam grabbed Dean’s arm, and was digging his nails into the soft, worn leather of the jacket that Dean was almost always wearing. “Don’t. You. Dare.” The bus door hissed oven, and Dean said, a touch too regretful for it to be honest, “This is your stop. So sorry. Maybe next time, huh?” Sam rolled his eyes, realizing what Dean had done. “You’re a real jerk, you know that?” Dean shrugged, leaning back, resting his neck in the palms of his hands. “At least I’m not a little bitch. Like you.”

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Chapter one: Awkward beginnings and odd behaviours.

Sam Winchester was rather busy trying to figure out exactly how, and why, his relationship with Lucifer had become a bit off. He had lived next to him as long as he could remember, and as far as he could tell, their relationship as children had been fairly typical. Lucifer had ways been clingy, and hadn’t really bonded well with too many people, so he hadn’t really considered it an issue.

But now, he had definitely crossed a line, a line Sam hadn’t thought he would ever have to draw.

“What the heck, Lucie?” Sam had woken up with four pale, somewhat scrawny limbs wrapped around him. The other simply tightened his grip and nuzzled into the small of Sam’s back.

“Good morning, Sammy.” Sam sat up, and tried to wiggle his way out of the grasp.

“Good morning? Good morning? Is that the only thing you have to say? You’re in my room! I didn’t agree to this. Get off me.” Lucifer simply sighed, and blinking his amber eyes, regretfully let go of the tall one, though he used Sam’s shoulders to pull himself into a sitting position.

“You left your window open last night, Sammy…and I had a nightmare.”

Sam attempted to stand up and tried to edge away from the other, but one of Lucifer’s arms was still wrapped around him.

“No. No it wasn’t. Dean checked it was locked last night. And you always have nightmares. I said, let go.” He tried once again to wiggle free, but no luck. “Look. You can’t keep doing this, okay?”

Lucifer sensed that Sam’s anger was ebbing a bit, and took the chance to wrap his right arm around him again. “But why not Sammy? I get lonely without you.” Sam growled, pulling away.

“Talk to Lilith, or, I don’t know, go sleep with your parents, or something, okay? You can’t keep breaking into my room,” He paused, “Look, buddy. It’s nothing personal. You’re my friend, you know that, right?” 

He bent down so that they were at eye level again. Until recently, Sam and Lucifer had been roughly the same height. Then, Sam had hit puberty, and shot up. They were both pretty weedy children, so they were used to talking their way out of sticky situations. Sam grinned awkwardly and ruffled Lucifer’s tawny curls.

“You’re almost a teenager, now. You can’t keep doing this. It’s not cool.” Lucifer nodded, grinning at Sam as he leapt up.

“Okay, Sammy. I’ll go home now.”

 Sam silently thanked what merciful beings must exist, and pointed Lucifer back towards the window.

“Oh, and Lucie?”

The other turned back around. “Yes, Sammy?”

“Give me my shirt back. It happens to be my favourite one, and it’s kind of too large on you.” Reluctantly, the other pulled it off and gave it back, locking the window again on his way out.

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